Prism Rainbow Shadow and Satisfying Breakfast and Heel Toe Walking and Vegetable Soup

March 6 2018:

More prism rainbow shadow beauty! What’s this one?? The Shadow Whisperer spotted this one.

Prism Rainbow Shadow 3.6.18

March 11 2018:

Wild blueberry pancakes and spicy veggie breakfast sausage. Wow! This was incredibly satisfying. Followed it with a dripping juicy heirloom navel orange. Ahhhhh ….

Vegan Sausage and Blueberry Pancakes Breakfast 3.11.18

March 13 2018:

Heel toe walking is getting so much better! For the past 7 months Lillian has been practicing on the treadmill at the lodge.

She goes over once a week and stays for about an hour to three hours to practice independence. I get a wee respite and she gets to practice being independent.

She started at about 5 minutes going at a very slow speed. She’s now up to 7 minutes and the speed has increased.

Wahooo!! Next step for independence practice is the library without me there!

Lillian Walking on Treadmill 3.13.18

March 14 2018:

Rainbow prism heart … So pretty …

Rainbow Prism Heart 3.14.18

March 16 2018:

Lunch ….. Perfect for our snow filled, cold day! Sweet onions, potatoes, green beans, green peas, corn, jalapeño, mushrooms, garlic, pinto beans, and a surprise ingredient.

Vegetable Soup 3.16.18

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