What if Rainbows Were Magical by Lillian Darnell

March 20 2018:

Lillian is truly blossoming into and claiming her role as a writer. She has taken to catching onto phrases, writing them down, and writing a story to match at a later time. Here’s one of the latest … xoxo

What if Rainbows Were Magical?

(Last week, I saw a rainbow on me through a prism and I wondered about what would happen if rainbows could heal aches and pains. So I came up with this story you are about to read.)

Once long ago, a little girl had scratched her arm and her guardian angel came to her and said, “See this rainbow? If you touch your arm to the rainbow, it will call my presence into the rainbow and heal you.”

So the little girl touched her arm to the rainbow and to her amazement, she saw a beautiful glow coming from the rainbow and the glow was on her arm where the scratch had been.

Many years passed and …. Go below to read more

What If Rainbows Were Magical?

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