Swimming and High Dive Board and Chocolate Chip Cookies and Haircut and Elephant Love and Humane Society

April 23 2018:

Swimming Day!!! Thomas had fun using the diving boards this time. He even tried something new! The high dive board! Wheeee!!

Swimming 4.23.18 #1 Swimming 4.23.18 #2 Swimming 4.23.18 #3

April 23 2018:

I could eat the entire bag in one sitting …😋 … xoxo …. (Trader Joe’s)

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Trader Joe's 4.23.18

April 26 2018:

Took Thomas for a haircut today. Spotted some love on a shelf! Isn’t this the cutest???

This was the first time Thomas knew exactly what he wanted for a cut. And, Roger nailed it!!! We are truly blessed!

Elephant Love 4.25.18

April 28 2018:

Humane Society volunteering for Thomas and I yesterday! We visited the small animal room. Full to the brim with rabbits and Guinea pigs. So many cats and dogs too.

It’s your lucky day if you were thinking of adopting. It’s Maddie’s Pet Adoption Day and it’s free to adopt today. Be sure and research though, as rabbits and guinea pigs are delicate and are very much different than a cat or dog.

Humane Society 4.28.18 #1 Humane Society 4.28.18 #2 Humane Society 4.28.18 #3

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