Moonlight Swim and Smoking Keyboard and Silly and Gazpacho

May 28 2018

First moonlight swim of the season. Thomas and I had the pool to ourselves. Ahhhhh … I’m so relaxed now.

Moonlight Swim 5.28.18 #1 Moonlight Swim 5.28.18 #2

May 30 2018:

My fingers and keyboard are smoking. Just got done writing something that came forth during the Alchemist Theatre presents “Resistance” event tonight. I love being in the “zone” like that. Except I forget to breathe sometimes! Oops! Thank you Alchemist Theatre peeps!! Love you much and now I’m off to bed! I could not go to bed with all that floating in my heart! xoxo

May 31 2018:

I may be mistaken. Yet, I don’t think it’s likely the water in the kettle will heat this way. Attempt #2 forthcoming …. 😂😜

Heating Water Kettle 5.31.18

I posted this on facebook and many friends commented they had done this and worse … So, I have created a group for us: Absent Minded Stove Users United …. Hahaha!!

June 3 2018:

Not quite as yummilicious as freshly made. Yet, still, oh so yummy!! Love, love, love gazpacho!!! I could have this for lunch every day!!

Gazpacho Soup 6.3.18


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