Creating and More Creating and Pumpkin Soup and Respite and Lions and Sheep

November 11 2018:

Working on one of Thomas’ birthday gifts for this coming Tuesday! The big 13 is just days away! 💚💚💚🎉🎉🎉💙💙💙

November 12 2018:

Haven’t decided what to do with this. I’ve got 5 of them. I’ll be sanding the test paint as was just testing the texture after I sanded the original paint. Hmmmm … we shall see. 🤩🤩🤩

November 14 2018:

Mmmmmmm …. Pumpkin soup. This. Is. So. Yum!!! 😋🧡

November 15 2018:

There she goes!! Spending two nights with The Romano Duo!!! Hope you have a great time Lillian!!!

And, YAY, hallelujah, and wahooo!!!! Respite for Thomas and me!!! I get 2 days of no arguing over the bathroom and no arguing over Thomas and Lillian sharing a bedroom!! And Lillian gets respite from us too!! Win Win! Love you Lillian! 🎉🎉🎉💞💞💞

November 17 2018:

Very short story I read last night; which is within a book I’m re-reading. A friend posted something very similar this morning and so it seemed I should share. Perhaps a sync for someone … xoxo … “The Lion Who Thought He Was a Sheep”

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