Creating and More Creating and Pumpkin Soup and Respite and Lions and Sheep

November 11 2018:

Working on one of Thomas’ birthday gifts for this coming Tuesday! The big 13 is just days away! 💚💚💚🎉🎉🎉💙💙💙

November 12 2018:

Haven’t decided what to do with this. I’ve got 5 of them. I’ll be sanding the test paint as was just testing the texture after I sanded the original paint. Hmmmm … we shall see. 🤩🤩🤩

November 14 2018:

Mmmmmmm …. Pumpkin soup. This. Is. So. Yum!!! 😋🧡

November 15 2018:

There she goes!! Spending two nights with The Romano Duo!!! Hope you have a great time Lillian!!!

And, YAY, hallelujah, and wahooo!!!! Respite for Thomas and me!!! I get 2 days of no arguing over the bathroom and no arguing over Thomas and Lillian sharing a bedroom!! And Lillian gets respite from us too!! Win Win! Love you Lillian! 🎉🎉🎉💞💞💞

November 17 2018:

Very short story I read last night; which is within a book I’m re-reading. A friend posted something very similar this morning and so it seemed I should share. Perhaps a sync for someone … xoxo … “The Lion Who Thought He Was a Sheep”

I Have No Idea How It Will Happen – Yet It Does

October 8 2017:

Such a moving and inspiring memory from one year ago today … I find it so moving and inspiring as the same scenario is repeating with Lillian’s book. I had no idea how it would happen. Yet, IT IS …

“Tonight I go to bed tired and exhausted …. a blessed and good exhausted. I end this day full of gratitude. I am grateful to so many people, for so many things, and for magical and miraculous happenings over the past 3 months.

For the past 3 months I have worked on completing one task and fulfilling a promise I made to the T in our Team TLC. I have hardly “worked” on anything else.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve helped Thomas get ready to show 2 of his photographs at the Young Blood exhibit and be prepared for the Kids Business Fair today.

I was so tired when we got home and unloaded everything, all I could do was run a hot, epsom salt bath, and slide my tired body into it. And, it was amazing. I cried tears of gratitude, joy, and knowing.

I have many stories to share via blog posts that have been patiently waiting for the completion of Biggest Little Photographer for Thomas. One being that I had no idea how I would make this happen when I made the promise to an 8 year old Thomas (10 years old now). Yet, I knew in my heart it was what I was supposed to say to him.

When the time came to fulfill that promise, I still had no idea how I would do it. What I did know from my past experience is to just start doing it and keep doing it and it will happen.

What I also knew is that this came from my heart and nothing from one’s heart is ever the wrong thing to do. And, it ends up being not about the end result, it’s about all the “doing it” leading up to the end result.

I simply started taking steps to create a book with Thomas’ 365 day photography project. Many times not even knowing where and how my foot would land. Not knowing how to put it all together or who we would have help with final steps of making it into a book.

I checked out a couple of books from the library to use as inspiration, looked at some books online, and just started. I did back up once and start all over, deciding to go about it differently and am so glad I did.

We aren’t completely done yet, as we’ll be having book signings around town and are available to speak as a Mom and Son duo. I will take a brief break to catch up on my own writings …. and to fix the driver’s side mirror that has been held on with duck tape since July!

Then, it’s on to fulfill a promise to the L in our Team TLC …… For now, I know what I know, what I know, what I know …. xoxoxo