March 2012 Date Day with Lillian

Our day began with me speaking at The Atlantis. That was a treat for Lillian … attending a luncheon and getting to eat corned beef. She was a bit overwhelmed by all of the attention, but she enjoyed herself. Started getting a bit bored near the end. She was a trooper though.

We came home for a bit before heading to tour a potential school for Thomas and Lillian for next year … High Desert Montessori in Sparks. We both loved the school.

I really like the Montessori teaching method. It’s an individualized education, non-traditional grading system, NO HOMEWORK, academics are taught by having the children determine how to find the answers {instead of giving them facts from a book and then testing them on it}, teaching them about real life and how what they are learning relates to real life, mixing the grade levels so if they are behind in one area they can keep doing it til mastered and if they are ahead they can move forward … What a CONCEPT!!!!!! I think it’s as close to homeschooling as you can get; without it actually being homeschooling! They have pets in each class that the kids take care of. They teach them how to plant and grow a garden, how to be self-sufficient and how to work together. I toured the private Montessori school last week and yesterday’s tour was the public charter school. I actually liked the public one better – it seems to be a better fit for Lillian. Lillian liked it too!!! Next step is to meet with the Vice Principal and discuss all my concerns regarding Lillian. We are on our way to being registered!!! Since they are a public school they absorb the IEP she already had. I told them I don’t want any therapies. I just want to keep the private therapies in place and she will just leave school early on Tuesdays to go to her therapies.

Then it was off to Great Basin Brewery for our favorite …. Garlic Fries!! I ordered a salad, a $1 slice of pizza and a happy hour mug of Jackpot Porter to wash it down!

Lillian and I had fun creating wedding dresses using one of her iPhone apps.


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