Movie Night: The Great Rupert aka A Christmas Wish

November 24 2018:

Team TLC Movie Night: My Choice – “The Great Rupert” aka “A Christmas Wish” …. The Great Rupert is a 1950 black & white with Jimmy Durante … Colorized in 2003 and renamed to A Christmas Wish

I say, “A squirrel as a guardian angel that answers prayers! Yep! Heartwarming Christmas miracle!!

I usually prefer black & white movies over the colorized version. However, this black and white is poor quality with many scratches and skips (unless you get your hand on the digitally remastered black & white).

I’d recommend the colorized version with the new name of “A Christmas Wish”.

Lillian says, “Good, like the colorized version better, the beginning is funny, it mentions Christmas, and my favorite character is Rosalinda.

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