Throwback Post: Happy Mother’s Day Camilla 2012


May 13 2012

Yep, these two right here! They didn’t take me out to eat, didn’t fix me breakfast, didn’t buy me chocolate, flowers or jewelry. Don’t want that stuff from them …. What I do get from them is priceless …. their unconditional love and the lessons that each one of them teach me that help me grow and move forward in this amazing adventurous life of ours together.

Lillian’s Handmade Card: I love my family. But most of all, I love my Mom. Decorated with hearts and smiles and the three of us.

Thomas’ Handmade Card: Dear Mom: I like to play Uno with you. I like to run with you. I like to read with you. I like to go with you. Happy Mother’s Day. Love, Thomas … along with a ceramic wall hanger with his handprint.

Yep, I cried …. Happy, Warm and Peaceful Tears!! Hope EVERYONE had a GREAT day surrounded by those you love!

Thomas and Lillian May 2012

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