Going Ape with the Elephants While Being Worn Out

January 5 2020:

Thomas helped decorate the open shelving in the kitchen. I put the elephant there, cause elephants. Thomas added the gorilla. He says I can look at him while I’m doing dishes. 🦍🖤🐘

January 16 2020:

They don’t look worn out, do they? I had a fingerprint live scan this morning. The tech had issues with a few of my fingers, commenting that my fingerprints were worn out. I didn’t know that was possible. Ha!

Kinda matches the rest of me, though. 2020 is the year, the beginning of a decade, of pressing the reset button, with focus on becoming un-worn out. I feel the relief in my bones, my cells, every breath I take. Here’s to unwornoutness!! 🎉❤️❤️❤️🎉

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