Out with the Old, In with the New to Me Plus a Home for Team TLC While Laughing Out Loud

January 24 2020

One of these was purchased in 2009, facilitated in teaching dozens of workshops in 2009 – 2012, was used to write, organize, and publish 4 books from 2012 – 2019, and is considered a dinosaur by those who work at Apple.

One of these is a 2014 version that a sweet, angel of a friend gifted to me as she just recently upgraded. Can you tell the difference? HA!

What a blessing it is to use the x and z key, the mouse pad again!! Plus (huge plus), not having to wait minutes for a page to open or a function to complete, with continual freezing. I feel productive again!! Ah, sweet technology relief!! Thank you, thank you, thank you K!!!! xoxo

January 26 2020

The unpacking continues. The Team TLC letters found a home. Not sure if I’ll keep them there, yet, it works for now.

I was hoping to be finished by February 1st. I’ll definitely have all boxes emptied by then. It’s just finding a place for everything, organizing things, and donating what is no longer needed.

January 26 2020

When you open the calculator to make a phone call. Um ….. You get a lovely big number, but doesn’t work to make a call. Made me laugh out loud. 🤣😜

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