Throwback Post: Opportunism and Birds and Holidays


June 4 2013:

Thank you Wade A. Hodges for taking the “opportunity” to leave an Amazon review for “D iz for Different” … I deeply appreciate your friendship and the DIFFERENT perspective of your review!! “Opportunism is generally regarded as a derogatory term that refers to people who will do anything for themselves. They have no core values beyond promoting their own needs. They contribute nothing to society.

In fact, opportunism is a great art that has been studied and practiced by many. Opportunism is a belief system that is eminently positive and powerful. It is a philosophy that says every event occurs for a reason and that it is within your capacity to see this reason as positive. When you complain and rail against circumstances, you fall out of balance with the the natural state of things; you wish things were D-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t. What Camilla has done is to embrace Different to the point that she sees it as an Opportunity to the point where it can be likened to a fire that consumes everything in its path – ALL cicrumstances become consumed in her mental heat and converted into O-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-i-e-s. Any man or woman who believes this cannot be hurt by anything or anyone. The age of the individual is NOT over – but needed now more than ever. Good Job Camilla and thanks for leaving a trail at a time when so many have come to rely on Hope as a Strategy for moving forward. Thanks for being You!”


There they were 3 Little Birds sitting on the fence all in a row … I tried to get a picture, yet, they decided I didn’t need one! Just back from my walk … It’s gettin warm out there y’all!!

Bob Marley’s Three little birds ….

… and Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy …


Lillian is making a list of holidays that she wants to create. One of the holidays will be Lillian Day …. Thomas adds that on Lillian Day we will all speak Lillian Language! Now! That’s what I’m talkin bout! What an awesome little brother!

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