Completion of the ABLE Account With a New Wall Switch

July 14 2020

Look what arrived! This completes setting up the ABLE account!!! Lillian now has her first debit card in her name!! Done! YAY!! Now. Time for a look at my estate planning and creating a Special Needs Trust.

July 25 2020

I’m so excited! They finally installed a wall switch to control the fan, instead of the remote control. (Too many folks on the same frequency. Which meant the light and fan speed would change randomly.) I was able to sleep with the fan on last night. Plus, complete control over the speed of the fan and the light. Woohahaha!! Yay!! Bonus: Now we have a dimmer option and an extra fan setting.

Oh, and I got distracted for about 15 minutes taking fan photos. Yep, I’m like that.

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