Handmade Beauties By Veronica Coleman of Black Tag Bags

August 11 2020

Beauties received in the mail yesterday. Handmade by Veronica Coleman.

I finally got around to asking Ver to make a “purse” for Lillian (been on my to do list for months). Lillian chose the blue mermaid fabric from Veronica’s collection and I shared measurements and photos of what Lillian has been using. When I asked how to pay, Surprise!! Another friend had already paid for it! Thank you, Kimberly!!!

When looking through Veronica’s collection on Black Tag Bag, I came across these gorgeous cloths she’s making, with one side microfiber, the other a super soft cotton. I was getting ready to buy microfiber cloths, which I cannot stand as they stick to my skin. Genius idea to sew popping cotton patterns on one side! So I ordered me a set. They are so pretty!! Thank you Veronica for your beautiful and fast work!

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