Vegan Eats: Pfeffernüsse With Dutch Apple Pie and a Midtown Quesadilla

December 9 2020

Pfeffernüsse … I may have accidentally eaten three of these right after they were cooled enough for the powdered sugar. Been saving the chocolate “milk” for a special treat. 😋😋😋

December 24 2020

I’m so excited! I ordered a vegan Dutch apple pie from Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno. Since I had to go there anyway, I ordered lunch for me and Thomas. I’ve never had the midtown quesadilla. It was delicious! I cannot wait to dig into this amazing looking pie, with a side of coconut bliss Madagascan vanilla bean “ice cream”. Yum!! 🤍😋😋😋🤍

December 25 2020

For breakfast? Yes, I did! ❤️🎄🎄😋🎄🎄💚

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