Therapeutic and Just Because – Coldest Swim Yet

January 25 2021

Coldest swim yet. There were two reasons for a swim in this cold, snowy weather.

#1 – Therapeutic: I did something to my lower back nearly 2 weeks ago. I hadn’t posted about it, but I ended up in the ER, with them administering morphine. Now, I’m one tough human, having a high tolerance for pain, so you can imagine how intense this was. I am finally able to move around without intense pain.

The warm water felt really good. Came home, had a hot shower, and then a hot epsom salt soak. I’m not fully healed. I think that will take some hands on work. I had loads of folks sending distance healing this past week and on Saturday, which helped a great deal. I have a craniosacral appointment next week, and desperately need therapeutic massage, as everything is so tight and achy. I’ll work on making that happen.

#2 – Just Because: I’ve never been swimming in an outdoor heated pool, surrounded by snow, in 20 degree weather. Fixed that. 🤣😂

A huge THANK YOU to my beautiful and kind son, Thomas Darnell. He stepped up and helped me with everything. I could barely move without intense pain for nearly a week, and definitely could not lift or move things. Thank you, Thomas. You are my sunshine. I love you! xoxo …

Also, thank you to The Romano Duo and Robert, as they drove to Reno from Dayton to fill our water jugs and pick up a prescription for me.

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