Throwback Post: Inspired the Right Person at Just the Right Moment


September 7 2015:

This post from 2013 appeared before me today. Not due to facebook’s “You have memories with …. ” notification …

Because one of Nikki’s beautiful daughter’s came across my blog post written in memory of her Mom back in 2013 which led her to my facebook profile which then led her to this post. To me this is a sign that this needed to be posted again. If you are urged to read it, here’s the blog post …

In Remembrance and Celebration of Nikki Jones Luinstra: A Never Forgotten Promise

If you read it, you will know why my eyes began to sweat like crazy after reading Marcy’s comment left on the blog …

“I believe your article has inspired the right person, at just the right moment. I’m her daughter, and i would love to talk to you!”

May this be exactly what you needed in this moment, for whatever reason. xoxoxo

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