Throwback Post: Sweetness and Kindness


August 23 2013:

After we got home from The Romano Casa tonight Thomas did all the things I usually do to get the camp-out-in-the-living-room set up (they get to camp out in the living room on the weekends).

Then he fluffed up two pillows on either end of the couch, went and got the bamboo plant out of the Reiki Oasis room and set it next to the couch. Told me to close my eyes and come lay on my tummy on the couch. Then he massaged my back with the car massager thingy!

I am infused daily with the sweetness and kindness of these two kids …. Blessed and grateful I get to be their Mom! After he got into bed he told me he knows why I’m so tired sometimes …. xoxo

(August 2013)

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