Christmas in a Cozy Cottage – Festive Fun with Camilla

December 17 2021:

Thanks to Sharon for having me participate in this fun feature!

Describe your ideal Christmas.

My kids and I would spend Christmas week in a cozy cottage in the forest. I would wake to find a steady flow of plump snowflakes falling, the ground covered in a sparkling, thick layer of snow. While the kids are still sleeping, I sit in front of the fire, with a view of the trees, my hands wrapped around a mug of hot coffee, made from freshly ground beans. I spend time reading while taking in the beauty of the moment.

Later in the day, after gifts have been exchanged, we bundle ourselves, going for a breathtaking walk amongst the snow covered trees. When we return we unbundle, slip into bathing suits, and have a soak in the warm, relaxing jacuzzi. We end the day by watching a favorite movie before drifting into a peaceful, restful sleep.

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