Merry and Bright with the Perfect Mug and Relaxed Shoulders

December 5 2021

Fun holiday event tonight at Inova.

December 7 2021

I finally made it to Copper Cat Studio! I broke my favorite coffee mug several months ago, and when Katie posted a collection of gorgeous pottery, including mugs, that are available in the gift shop; I just knew one of the mugs was mine.

These photos do not do it justice. When I slipped my fingers around the handle of this one, my fingers fit perfectly. I turned it upside down to find the word “dream”. My hand and this mug were meant for each other. ❤️❤️❤️

I also found a few other treasures. Happy that I finally made it over there!

December 9 2021

Yes I did! Felt so good. A swim and then the hot tub. My shoulders have finally relaxed!

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