Team TLC and Romano Duo Christmas 2021 – Great Food With Harsh Driving Conditions and New Slippers

December 24 2021

Cranberry sauce and green bean casserole ready for tomorrow. Felt like cooking, experimenting, so made a vegan mushroom loaf for me and Thomas for tomorrow.

December 25 2021

Sending love to all, and warmth from 34 degrees! 🎄🎄🎄❄️❄️❄️🎄🎄🎄Team TLC, The Romano Duo, and Robert.

A beautiful afternoon with a lovely vegan dinner. My mom made vegan deviled eggs for me and Thomas. Very creative! Merry Christmas to all. May you be surrounded by love, joy, peace, and laughter.

Thomas took this photo during our drive home. This was right before I nearly threw up. 🤮 I have 4 wheel drive and can handle driving in snow, as long as I can go slow. However, when I can’t see the lanes, or the road in front of me, it absolutely unnerves me.

For local friends: Once I exited 580, getting on old 395, I was able to relax. I cannot handle the new freeway at night, in high winds or blizzard, snow conditions. I feel much safer on old 395, even though there was more snow on the road.

All good now. Car unloaded, ready to relax.

December 26 2021

Thank you to The Romano Duo! Who else got new slippers? ❄️☕️☕️☕️❄️ And since I get holes in them so quickly, two sets!

Thanks to my daddy for the new cold weather boots. Wide toe box, barefoot/minimalist style, and vegan. Need to send them back for a half size bigger to allow room for cozy socks. Love them!

Merry and Bright with the Perfect Mug and Relaxed Shoulders

December 5 2021

Fun holiday event tonight at Inova.

December 7 2021

I finally made it to Copper Cat Studio! I broke my favorite coffee mug several months ago, and when Katie posted a collection of gorgeous pottery, including mugs, that are available in the gift shop; I just knew one of the mugs was mine.

These photos do not do it justice. When I slipped my fingers around the handle of this one, my fingers fit perfectly. I turned it upside down to find the word “dream”. My hand and this mug were meant for each other. ❤️❤️❤️

I also found a few other treasures. Happy that I finally made it over there!

December 9 2021

Yes I did! Felt so good. A swim and then the hot tub. My shoulders have finally relaxed!