Thomas Hiking on the Tahoe Rim Trail

August 3 2022

Drove to South Lake Tahoe this morning to drop off Thomas for a great 3 day adventure.

So bummed that I didn’t feel up to spending time at the beach or doing a bit of hiking. Tahoe is stunning!!

I’m thrilled for Thomas to be able to participate!

**Update on Thomas added – Message received from Tahoe Rim Trail Association: “The group has faced some challenging weather over the past few days but has persevered with the help of some weather shelters and their positive attitudes. They are a resilient bunch!

Due to lightning concerns throughout the afternoon, the group will not be hiking Freel Peak, but instead will be continuing their journey at lower elevation and in the trees for more protection. As of now, there is no lightning in their area, but we are committed to taking extra safety precautions to keep them safe throughout this adventure.”

Shortly after receiving this message, they sent another saying they were going to end the trip one day early as all equipment and the hikers were soaked from the rain.

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