Delicious Clouds With Progression of Thunder and Lightning

July 31 2022

More of these delicious clouds this morning.

August 1 2022

Progression of the clouds yesterday afternoon before we got about 20 drops of rain! 😂Smelled and felt so good.

August 5 2022

After the downpour of rain last night. That was a wild storm! Lightning strikes very close to us, with the loudest booming, cracking thunder I’ve ever heard. One struck so close to a car in front of our place, that it caused the car alarm to go off. Lillian and I screamed, with Basil running to hide. Wild!

August 6 2022

I think this was Thursday, maybe Friday.

Thomas’s hiking/camping trip had to end a day early due to the wild storm moving through. I didn’t feel up to picking him up, so thank you times a million to Frank for doing it for me.

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