Throwback Post: LEGO Photographer Walking Through Sprinklers With Tomatoes


July 22 2014:

Thomas accidentally left LEGO photographer man at The Romano Duo Casa! Oh NO! Not to worry as he made his way home this morning. He got to ride with The Romano Duo to Team TLC HappYville as they headed on the way to Laughlin this morning. YAY! He’s home!


July 22 2013:

Walked through a sprinkler this morning near the end of my awesome and beautiful morning walk. Ahhhhhhh … Felt good!


July 22 2012:

From Lillian: i like door hangers, they are so fun and colorful. You know what they say, do not give up on what you like (includes homemade door hangers). Bye for now

(From Mom: Lillian is making a door hanger for our room at the C18 conference y’all!)


July 22 2011:

What a jam packed and fun day!! Educate n Motivate Bootcamp all day with the young adults and Communication at Your Fingertips Presentation at 3:00 all wrapped up with the awesome Shelley Ingram- Hunt and her 250 cell phones collected for Different iz Good . . . Spread the Word and still counting . . .


“Did you see what fun we had (even though I was sleeping late)? So hopefully I will go to bed at 9:19 and be happy in the morning. Goodnight y’all! So did you like what I demonstrated about my iPhone? Did sitting make you tired. Make sure to like it!!” – Fairy Princess Lillian (We are in Indianapolis for those who live in Reno).


July 22 2010:

Care package from my Aunt Debbie Burton! Good ole Mississippi tomatoes (or maters as my Mammaw called em)! Yummilicious y’all! Thanks Aunt Debbie!!

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