Throwback Post: Painted Rocks With Three Little Birds and Respite With a Poem


May 6 2016

Thomas painted rocks too! Mr. Strawberry left yesterday and is on his way deep into bayou country in Louisiana! Blessings to the beautiful soul who generously supported Thomas’ creation. She loves his creativity! I love love!! xoxo

It was Thomas’ turn to choose a family activity Last night. So we played charades! So silly, fun, and much laughter.

Today he will be auditioning with some of his buddies for the last community gathering of this school year. They’ll be singing one of my favorite songs … Three Little Birds … I got to have fun helping Thomas make a microphone. One golf ball, scotch tape, the stick from a paint sponge, aluminum foil, and black paint = one microphone!

And this morning I had a magnificent walk! Love this beautiful tree!!

May 6 2015

Oops … or maybe Wahoooo! I had respite lined up tonight so I could go to an event but forgot to buy my ticket. So, yesterday I sent an email canceling and the email did not get received. Usually I follow up to make sure it was received, but … I forgot! Now I’ve got someone here. Was going to go ahead and send her home and thought perhaps I’m supposed to do something for me. Go out to eat? Go to a movie? Hmmmm … Suggestions? xoxo

Here’s where I ended up! YUM!! Took the book I’m reading, A Return to Love, with me and spent a blissful hour reading and eating delicious food! And look at the gorgeous sky when I was done. “Here Comes the Sun” little darling …. xoxo

May 6 2013

Thomas gave me an early Mother’s Day gift tonight … A poem: Skys are Blue, Grass is Green, So are YOU! …. And then he brushed and styled my hair before going to bed. My wish for this young man is that he never loses touch with his uniqueness and originality … ♥

Just back from a refreshing, inspiring and delicious walk in the rain …… Ahhhhhhhhh!! Lovin me some LIFE y’all! ♥

May 6 2010

It just keeps gettin better & better! When Thomas grows up NEXT WEEK he’s going to be a Cowboy!! {Suppose he’ll do this in between being at the Circus doing magic tricks} Love this darn kid to pieces!

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