Throwback Post: Respite with Coffee and Gratitude While Getting a Haircut


November 9 2013:

What’s a lady to do when she’s been given respite for the afternoon and evening? I find myself sitting here thinking, “Ok, now what?” Hahaha! I wrote a post about this about a year or so ago, I think I’ll go back and read it and take some of my own advice! I’ve got tonight covered! Got me a date with a classic 1934 Frank Capra production with a side of hot buttered popcorn! Perhaps a soak in a nice hot tub after that!! Here’s to taking a Mama break! xoxo


November 9 2012:

Fun time meeting my fb friend Gertie face to face for the 1st time!!!! Such meaningful conversation!!! Thanks Gertie!!

Lillan’s gratitude for today:

I am thankful to have a garage to keep our car in.

Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m thankful for warmth.


November 9 2011:

Today I am thankful for karma and reciprocity . . . as I am grateful for the kindness and generosity of others . . .


Haircut adventures for Team member T!!! Gettin ready for our pictures tomorrow!!

Throwback Post: Painted Rocks With Three Little Birds and Respite With a Poem


May 6 2016

Thomas painted rocks too! Mr. Strawberry left yesterday and is on his way deep into bayou country in Louisiana! Blessings to the beautiful soul who generously supported Thomas’ creation. She loves his creativity! I love love!! xoxo

It was Thomas’ turn to choose a family activity Last night. So we played charades! So silly, fun, and much laughter.

Today he will be auditioning with some of his buddies for the last community gathering of this school year. They’ll be singing one of my favorite songs … Three Little Birds … I got to have fun helping Thomas make a microphone. One golf ball, scotch tape, the stick from a paint sponge, aluminum foil, and black paint = one microphone!

And this morning I had a magnificent walk! Love this beautiful tree!!

May 6 2015

Oops … or maybe Wahoooo! I had respite lined up tonight so I could go to an event but forgot to buy my ticket. So, yesterday I sent an email canceling and the email did not get received. Usually I follow up to make sure it was received, but … I forgot! Now I’ve got someone here. Was going to go ahead and send her home and thought perhaps I’m supposed to do something for me. Go out to eat? Go to a movie? Hmmmm … Suggestions? xoxo

Here’s where I ended up! YUM!! Took the book I’m reading, A Return to Love, with me and spent a blissful hour reading and eating delicious food! And look at the gorgeous sky when I was done. “Here Comes the Sun” little darling …. xoxo

May 6 2013

Thomas gave me an early Mother’s Day gift tonight … A poem: Skys are Blue, Grass is Green, So are YOU! …. And then he brushed and styled my hair before going to bed. My wish for this young man is that he never loses touch with his uniqueness and originality … ♥

Just back from a refreshing, inspiring and delicious walk in the rain …… Ahhhhhhhhh!! Lovin me some LIFE y’all! ♥

May 6 2010

It just keeps gettin better & better! When Thomas grows up NEXT WEEK he’s going to be a Cowboy!! {Suppose he’ll do this in between being at the Circus doing magic tricks} Love this darn kid to pieces!

Throwback Post: Writing Blog Posts With Riding Lessons and Walks


July 18 2015:

Helping Thomas write a blog post this morning that relates to the letter he mailed himself just over a year ago! So synchronistic how we were house sitting for The Romano Duo in this house when he wrote it and now while we are in this house again; we are moving forward with an idea born that day …. I love LOVE! Life does, indeed, love us all .. xoxo


July 18 2014:

First day of Summer Riding Lessons! Thomas loved it. Will get better pictures next time as I’ll wear better dirt and arena shoes … Cute little sandals don’t cut it!


July 18 2012:

Did someone say respite? Yes, I’m a different gal … Having respite at the library … Checkout the beautiful view!!


Beautiful night for a Team TLC walk!!!


July 18 2011:

Cars 2 with Thomas!!!

Eight Long Years – Respite for Camilla With Guinness 0

July 24 2022

It has been EIGHT years since I’ve had respite from Lillian and Thomas at the same time. Beginning right now, I have 7 days without both of them.

Eight years is a damn long time to go without a break. Gigantic THANK YOU to The Romano Duo for having Lillian over for the week. I shall cherish every second of this break!

July 26 2022

Oh my, WoW! Look what I found today. Guinness 0 – non-alcoholic. I’ve been waiting patiently for this to make its way to the US.

Before I stopped drinking alcohol about 5 or 6 years ago, Guinness, and similar beers, were my absolute favorite. This has been available for quite some time in Ireland.

I wasn’t even in search of it today. While I waited for my lunch from Maya’s South Indian Cuisine, I popped into the liquor store to see if they had the Black Butte non-alcoholic I found a few weeks ago. I found this instead.

Creamy, long-lasting head with hints of chocolate and coffee. Yes!! Had one with my burrito tonight.


Hallelujah – Camilla Gets Respite

June 22 2021

It has been 1 year and 8 months (October 2019) since I’ve had respite. I didn’t realize just how much I needed this until right this minute, typing this. I am in tears.

Hallelujah times infinity! Sweet, blessed relief. She is going to try and stay a full 7 days, as she needs respite, too!! 🤣😂

Hot dam*, let’s party! And by party I mean, do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Perhaps extra movie nights. Enjoy the quiet. Extra reading. Extra relaxing. MINUS being needed every 5 minutes. Ahhhhhh ….

And time for some kitchen dancing …

June 29 2021

Lillian came home today, arriving about 1:30 this afternoon. She hasn’t stopped talking since. 🤪 Did she not talk the entire time she was gone? 🤣😂🤣 We were outside taking in the wild sky. Earlier we had a freaky, huge dust cloud blow through and then purple, pink, yellow, and orange colors. Photos to follow.

A couple of “I’m too old for this shit!” messages from my mom, yet, they all made it the full 7 days! Wahooo!!

Throwback Post: Sunset Walk With Cormorants and a Beaver Followed By Respite


June 26 2017:

Sunset walk with Lillian yesterday. Incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Nature is a blessing. She does her best to fill us up when we’re feeling empty. She also adds to our joy and peace when we’re joyful and peaceful. Mother Nature is the Best!!

June 26 2016:

We had company for tonight’s walk! They got to see the ducklings, goslings, cormorants, a huge frog, and the beaver! YAY!

June 26 2016:

We went over to The Romano Duo’s temporary home for the next 4 days. Had some fun at the pool. They get to have a sleepover Monday night!! First night of respite for me since last August. xoxo

Respite with a Lovely Dinner Followed by the Detention Center with Picard

January 22 2020

First respite in our new place. Had a lovely dinner of salad and mashed red potatoes, alongside a soft, mouthwatering piece of garlic naan.

Lillian left this afternoon to spend a few days with The Romano Duo. Yay for her! Yay for me! Yay for Thomas!

I’ve helped Thomas hang a few treasures on his wall. Now I’m off to have a long hot soak in an epsom salt bath. Ahhhhhhh … 🛀💙

January 23 2020

Day 2 of respite – Toured the Washoe County Detention Center, bought toilet paper and bread, answered questions for a book blogger who will blog about me and the latest book, went for a walk, hung more treasures on Thomas’s wall, and signed up for a free trial on CBS Access just so I could watch this.

I haven’t watched TV or a television series since 2008. The free trial is only for 7 days so I won’t be watching further episodes …. for now. I think I’ve had a very interesting (weird??) day!! Ha!

March 8, 2020 Update – After the free trial, I got notice that Amazon was offering a free trial also. Signed up for that and got to watch the second episode. Due to a mix up and error on Amazon’s part (charged me during the free trial – so gave me a free week or two), I got to watch more episodes. I’m committed until the end now! HA! I think there are 3 episodes left for the season. It’s been nostalgic and wonderful to watch Patrick Stewart in this role again, along with the guest appearances by other cast members.

Respite for All of Us

September 18 2019:

It’s been 3 months since I had respite. Lillian just left to spend 3 days with The Romano Duo. I’m always torn as to whether I should take a 3 day nap, madly work through the massive to do list, or do absolutely nothing (but read). Ha!!! It usually ends up being a combination of all of these. Thank you to The Romano Duo!!! …. Love you Lillian!! Enjoy your respite from Thomas and I!

When I Know It Is Time for a Lillian Break

April 24 2019:

Reasons I KNOW it’s time for a Lillian break:

I’ve been can’t-move-my-body exhausted (with a side order of pounding headache) every night this week.
I turned the heat on last night instead of the air conditioner … it was a balmy 75 degrees almost all night! 🤪😂 Realized what I had done not too long before getting up.
One of the 3 times Lillian woke me up, she asked for throat spray (homemade with cold spring water and peppermint essential oil) …. She got one good spray directly up her nose! Oops!!! Sorry Lillian …
I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for dinner tonight.

The Romano Duo picked up Lillian this afternoon after our library volunteering. She’s off to spend 3 nights with them; rejoining Thomas and I on Saturday. Just in time for movie night! Hallelujah … It’s break-from-Lillian time! Love you to infinity Lillian! And, grateful for our breaks!! (Photo from May 2018)