Throwback Post: Refreshing Swim With Interactive Vaulting Camp


July 18 2014:

Fun and refreshing swim and now off for a dessert date with Lillian! I had forgotten how good it feels being in the water … YUM!


July 18 2013:

Day 3 of Interactive Vaulting Camp for Thomas (yesterday, 7.17) …. Look at that Team Member T Go!! So much fun for him this week! I think I’m more worn out than he is! HA!

Throwback Post: Writing Blog Posts With Riding Lessons and Walks


July 18 2015:

Helping Thomas write a blog post this morning that relates to the letter he mailed himself just over a year ago! So synchronistic how we were house sitting for The Romano Duo in this house when he wrote it and now while we are in this house again; we are moving forward with an idea born that day …. I love LOVE! Life does, indeed, love us all .. xoxo


July 18 2014:

First day of Summer Riding Lessons! Thomas loved it. Will get better pictures next time as I’ll wear better dirt and arena shoes … Cute little sandals don’t cut it!


July 18 2012:

Did someone say respite? Yes, I’m a different gal … Having respite at the library … Checkout the beautiful view!!


Beautiful night for a Team TLC walk!!!


July 18 2011:

Cars 2 with Thomas!!!