Eight Long Years – Respite for Camilla With Guinness 0

July 24 2022

It has been EIGHT years since I’ve had respite from Lillian and Thomas at the same time. Beginning right now, I have 7 days without both of them.

Eight years is a damn long time to go without a break. Gigantic THANK YOU to The Romano Duo for having Lillian over for the week. I shall cherish every second of this break!

July 26 2022

Oh my, WoW! Look what I found today. Guinness 0 – non-alcoholic. I’ve been waiting patiently for this to make its way to the US.

Before I stopped drinking alcohol about 5 or 6 years ago, Guinness, and similar beers, were my absolute favorite. This has been available for quite some time in Ireland.

I wasn’t even in search of it today. While I waited for my lunch from Maya’s South Indian Cuisine, I popped into the liquor store to see if they had the Black Butte non-alcoholic I found a few weeks ago. I found this instead.

Creamy, long-lasting head with hints of chocolate and coffee. Yes!! Had one with my burrito tonight.


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