Throwback Post: Teacups While Coloring at a Mini Reunion With Cinnamon Rolls


November 24 2014:

Since this summer I’ve wanted to make soy candles without dye or artificial scents using recycled tea cups. I’ve collected a few that I’ve come across. I’ll make some unscented and some scented with pure essential oils. What do y’all think? Would this be something you’d give as a gift or like to receive or think others would like?


I got to color today. First day of break was fun!! Hanging out at home with two of my favorite people!


November 24 2012:

Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m thankful for Mommy.


With fellow author, Camilla Downs downs! LeRue Book Event.


I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to reconnect with old friends all the way back to elementary school, middle school (Stephanie Sills Lee) and definitely my Oaklawn Jr High buddies! We had so much fun y’all … The silliest group of teenagers you ever saw! Had a ball being a Tarponette on the drill team with my buddy Valissa Hall McGuffee, marching in the Mardi Gras parades with our band buddies Georges Detiveaux, Dehron Foster and Lillie Powell Salsberry. We tore up them streets of Houma, Louisiana and at them football games!! That’s what we thought anyway! Had such a blast being around each other … Chad Templeton, Dawn Prosperie and Darrell ‘n Lois Solet too! Our little mini reunion in 2009 down in Houston was a hoot! Hanging out and being silly like time had not even passed! I LOVE Y’ALL and am so thankful and blessed that we’ve reconnected!!!


Lillian’s gratitude for today:

I am thankful for making presents.


Putting-Energy-Back-In-Mama Adventures for Team Member T & L …. These sweet kiddos lost their kindness somewhere this afternoon and drained the Going-to-the-Romano-Duo’s-House-for-Dinner Energy right outta me!! Good thing I had a way for them to put the energy back in me!


November 24 2011:

Today I am thankful for an abundance of food, family, friends and love . . . thankful for an abundance of all things good . . .


Gluten-free cinnamon rolls this morning at The Romano Casa …. We’re getting sooooooooo spoiled!!!!


Christmas Vacation … Ahhhh, that’s good, that’s good … Family tradition to watch this every Thanksgiving night!!


November 24 2009:

One reason why I love living here!! This was taken just now in our backyard!! Love Nevada & our wild horses!!

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