Throwback Post: Gratitude for Family and Water While Going on Dates


November 26 2012:

Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m thankful for having Christmas with Mommy and Lillian.


WATER …. That’s what I’m grateful for today. Such a simple thing that serves so many purposes. Hydration, thirst quencher, keeps us and our hands clean, heavenly bubble baths or showers or hot tub soaks, cleans our dishes, our clothes, our cars, feeds our grass and trees and plants, we use it to cook, to make tea and coffee, we use it to brush our teeth, put out fires, it supports life in our oceans, lakes and rivers and on and on and on ….


Lillian’s gratitude for today:

I’m thankful for reading.


November 26 2011:

Today I am thankful for date days with each of my kids . . .

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