Throwback Post: Cookies With School Projects and The Recently Deceased


October 20 2015:

We added chocolate chips for the second batch of pumpkin pie cookies. YUM!

In the kitchen experimenting with turmeric root, tamarind, and lemon juice. Let’s see how this turns out. I don’t know that I’ve ever tasted tamarind until yesterday. Pretty good and never would have guessed it’s a legume! Plus I got the entire box free yesterday. I asked a produce worker where to find it. When we located it, it was the last box and a couple of the pods were broken … so he gave me the entire 1 pound box free. YAY!!


October 20 2014:

I am in a state of allowing and receiving and am full up with gratitude and love. The opportunities are arriving so fast and so many I can hardly keep up. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you … xoxo … Taking this tired body and mind and going to bed for now. Ready for some yummy, comfy sleep!


October 20 2013:

Lillian was teasing Thomas last Wednesday night. He came to me and said he felt like hitting her and asked what he should do. I told him to take a deep breath and flood his heart with love from something or a time that brought him happiness. Told him both feelings couldn’t be in there at the same time. He came back a few minutes later and told me thank you and it worked. I love getting to be a teacher and student with these two awesome souls! xoxo


Thomas is all ready to turn in his Mark Twain project …. Complete with a Lego replica of a steamboat and the home that Mark Twain built! He had so much fun doing this!

Lillian’s Helen Keller project is ready for tomorrow. I packed it all in a bag and had her take everything out and set it up by herself. GREAT job Lillian! You go!


October 20 2012:

Tele’s Halloween Party … Fun, fun, fun and dance, dance, dance!!!

Tele really goes all out for her parties!!!

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