Throwback Post: Help Them Realize Their Worth


October 20 2012:

Last week I engaged in a conversation with another Mom. She shared she’s feeling stuck, not knowing what her passion is. She knows what she’s good at but is lacking in feeling the passion and purpose of her life. I got the feeling she knows what her passion is but is fighting going with it and I also sensed she doesn’t fully accept her worth and what she has to offer. So many of us were raised not being taught that we are worthy and we have a gift and a purpose to share with society. Money seemed to be put at the top of the priority list instead of doing what was our passion to make that money. Yes, we’ve got to have money to house, feed, and clothe ourselves and our families. Why on Earth is it frowned upon to use talents we have been gifted with and things we are passionate about to earn that money?

I shared my thoughts that maybe she would want to use what she’s good at to help other women realize their worth, to help make them feel good about themselves. We chatted for 30 minutes about this, parenting, being in the present moment with our kids and the difference in their behavior and attitude when we are present for them. We seemed to be in our own little bubble, oblivious to the other people in the room with us and all that was going on. When we parted she thanked me and we gave each other a nice warm hug.

Hopefully, our time chatting together helped her, even if it’s only a small little ole shift! I know I benefitted from our talk. I understand more that it doesn’t matter what your talents, gifts, and passions are. You can use them to benefit society …

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