Throwback Post: Gratitude While Discovering Wild Horses


November 4 2015:

Subbing tomorrow, Friday, and Monday in Sierra and I get to help the students create vision boards. It was such a hit last year, I get to do it again! I am so grateful to receive emails like this one from the teacher in Sierra letting me know what must get done and then asking … “do you have some things you would like to do with the students?” She had requested I do the vision board lesson with them already. I suggested that November is a GREAT month to focus on gratitude. So, we will be creating a Gratitude Wall in the classroom. Should be fun!


November 4 2012:

A vehicle and gas in it’s tank … So very grateful that Team TLC has a car to get us places we need and want to go and that we have gas in the tank to make that car GO!! Big ole smiles and hugs y’all!!


Time to get Mr. Thomas caught up:

November 1st: I’m very grateful for friends.

November 2nd: I’m grateful for food.

November 3rd: I’m super grateful for my Mom and Sister.

November 4th: I’m grateful my friend Lance coming over and having fun with us. – Thomas Darnell


I am thankful for my tricks. – Lillian Darnell


Team TLC Discovery Adventures …. GREAT Fun!!!


November 4 2011:

Today I am thankful for quiet alone time . . .


Our beautiful visitors this afternoon!


November 4 2010:

Puttin final touches on ANN Roundtable presentation for tomorrow morning! “3 Keys to Social Media Marketing Success in 2011” – Who’s gonna be there? I’m so excited! Can’t wait to be in a room full of so many people doing so many good things!!


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