Throwback Post: Reiki with Gratitude and Pizza


November 5 2014:

This is where I spent my morning! Ahhhh!! Smells good, looks good, and feels good! If interested, I’ve got one Reiki appointment left available for this Friday. So peaceful!


November 5 2012:

The ability to learn is what I am full of gratitude for today … and all that goes with it. The ability to read and write, the ability to change habits and change my thoughts, to create new thought patterns that serve me, my family and society better … And because it can be difficult at times to change habits and thought patterns, I’m grateful for the tenacity and faith to keep at it, to keep learning and working at it …. no matter WHAT! Big ole smiles and hugs y’all!


November 5 2011:

Today I am thankful for time spent with my Momma, Patty Romano, and my step father, Frank C. Romano Jr . . . thankful to have them in my life . . .

Candy day adventures ….. Just got a little more interesting and exciting!!

Off on an adventure to find some big letters …. TLC and birthday goodies for Thomas’s party next weekend!!

Pizza and red wine with my kids . . . wine just for Mama . . . now to get ready for movie night! Ahhhhhhh . . . I love my life!

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