Throwback Post: Vaulting with Gratitude While Voting and Losing a Tooth


November 6 2014:

Audrey Harris Park Spring 2014 …. After Thomas participated in the horse show with Center for Adaptive Riding. He demonstrated vaulting for the audience and had so much fun!


November 6 2012:

Lillian’s gratitude shout out from yesterday and today …

November 5th: I am grateful for our car.

November 6th: I’m thankful to have a house.


The freedom to vote, make our own choices and the ability to learn from those choices … grateful for this today … Smiles and hugs to y’all today!

Hope to see my local friends at this fun event this Saturday! I’ll be there with “D iz for Different” … passing out hugs and smiles ….

Book Blast! A Something For Everyone Event

The Book Hound, airing weekly on Sundays at 8 p.m. on 99.1 FM Talk Radio and live streaming will be interviewing select authors at LeRue’s 3rd Annual Book Blast. Are you an author? Will you be one of them? Contact LeRue to arrange to be on the air with host Janice Hermsen and co-hosts, Jennifer Brewster and Dennis Duperault.

Do you love to read? Join the authors and publisher at The Reno Town Mall.
• Meet the publishers at LeRue Press
• Meet The Book Hound
• Book signings: 11-4
• How to Write and Market a Book
• Writer’s Info
• Get a free book when you complete survey
• Books galore!
• Art/Photography display
• Coloring for the kids
• Other display booths
• Fun, fun, fun

Tables available-ask for Registration Form

Join us on November 10th! It’s a blast.

A portion of the proceeds from book sales benefits the Washoe County Library System.


Here’s to life …. It’s a GREAT day to be alive … Treatin Mr. T to an ice cream before we pick up Team Member L from therapies … Cheers Y’all!!

Thomas’ gratitude shout out for yesterday and today:

November 5th: I’m thankful for Lillian.

November 6th: I’m thankful for mommy.

November 6 2011:

Today I am thankful for Jannine DeMars Cody and the organization she founded over 20 years ago . . . The Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society. There are no words to adequately describe the awesome support that we C18 Families receive from one another. The research performed by The Registry benefits all with genetic abnormalities. Thankful is too weak a word . . .

November 6 2010:

Thomas lost his 1st tooth! Got one kid where everything happens later than typical & one that’s gonna do it all early!

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