Throwback Post: Fun Outside With Dried Peaches at the Beach


August 30 2013:

These two young people = Faith, Inspiration and Courage …. nice time outside at The Romano Casa tonight!


August 30 2011:

Giving Lillian a spelling pre test . . . Called out “admire”, then the pre supplied sentence to use with it, “Whom do you admire most?” She turned around and said, “I admire you.” Awwww . . . made me stop being so serious for a moment!! Love that girl!


Thank you tons and tons Kimberly for the amazing veggies from your garden and the homemade dried peaches!! Lillian LOVED the peaches and I sauteed the veggies with garlic . . .my taste buds were in yum yum heaven!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


August 30 2009:

Just back from a minication with Thomas & Lillian to Incline Village/Tahoe. Left Sat morning & just back – what a beautiful place!! We had so much fun, Saturday at Burnt Cedar Beach & Pool & Sunday at King’s Beach.

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