February 1 2012: Puzzles and Cupcakes and Friends

Thomas had a GREAT morning today in class! YAY for him! Earned his sucker and playing with his friends after school.

Puzzle adventures for Lillian this afternoon. She loves putting together puzzles, especially this one with a castle and princess!

This afternoon we went on a Team TCL smog test adventure for our car. To hear Thomas and Lillian you’d think we were doing something very exciting!! Tabs expire tomorrow! Suppose it’s time I get on this!

When we got back Thomas made cakes, cupcakes and ice cream for all of us using Lillian’s Cake Maker Playdoh set!

I had an awesome evening with my eWomenNetwork friends. These events are simply the best! Wonderful time seeing friends, chatting, drinking wine and meeting new people and learning a bit about them. Not to mention, meeting local people face to face that you’ve only chatted with through Facebook! Came home to two kids very happy to have Mom home! Nothing better!


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