February 24 2012: Good Morning and Park and Friends

Thomas had a GREAT morning in class today! YAY! We came home, had some lunch and some computer time. After I made a phone call we walked to the park {I walked, Mr. T rode his bicycle}. Some of his friends from school were there so he was pleasantly surprised and had a ton of fun!

Next, it was off for home and taking a bath for Thomas. He got to go over to Tina’s house while I met friends at Waldens Coffeehouse for some live music and a two day early birthday toast! This was hugely fun for Thomas and ME! He was treated to pizza and playing with Matilda and some other friends! And I was treated to time with my friends! What a blessing for both of us!

We are both very excited that our Lillian comes back home tomorrow! YAY!


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