March 3 2012: Nasty Cold and Library and Swimming

This nasty cold is kicking my behind today! Did nothing but rest and it took me all day to get ready to take Lillian to the library! Finally made it though and had one happy little girl!

Thomas went for a walk with Pappaw Frank and then Mammaw took him to the library in Vegas. Gotta get them trained to take more pictures though!!

Later in the afternoon Thomas got to go swimming. And the blessings continue for Team TLC … A senior swimmer asked Thomas why he didn’t already know how to swim. Turns out she’s an instructor and spent 40 minutes teaching him! Now he knows how to swim! She was impressed with how fast he picked it up and said she’d be back on Monday to work with him more!! Frank said it was pretty cool and said he’d pay for swimming lessons for Team Member T! YAY for Thomas!

Pizza night at the Romano Casa! Thomas loves pepperoni pizza!

After the library Lillian and I came home for dinner and a movie. Lillian is quit disappointed with this cold I have. I’m not much fun right now. Soup for me for dinner and then in bed for our movie.


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