March 4 2012: Desert Volcano and Upside Down and Reading

Thomas made a desert volcano with water around it this morning at Mammaw and Pappaw’s place in Vegas! Looks like cellophane wrap, doesn’t it? What an imagination this kid has!! Love it!

Getting spoiled by mammaw. Got him some new crocs to wear to the pool!

Swimming adventures for Thomas! I’m so darn happy he’s having so much fun and getting a vacation!

This horrible cold was still kickin my behind today, so I rested all day (except for doing the dishes and the laundry). I am so proud of Lillian for entertaining herself and being so understanding. She’s a little disappointed that she finally has me to herself and I go and get a nasty cold!

She wanted to know if I could see her upside down. So I took a picture to show her what she looked like to me when she is upside down!

Reading Night!! Comfy and cozy for family reading night. She’s actually been reading all day! I think she read about fifteen Junie B. Jones and Bernstein Bears chapter books today!!




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