March 5 2012: Painting and Picnic and Miniature Golf

This darn cold is still hanging on … I felt a little better today though. Lillian did a little painting this morning.

Finally dragged myself out of the house to have a picnic adventure with Lillian! My nose is so red and sore! On my third box of tissues!

Made a lunch for Lillian and grabbed myself a Subway sandwich. The wind was blowing pretty hard and I still don’t have much energy from this cold, so I figure we’d have a car picnic … somewhere with a magnificent view! Went to Geiger Way Lookout Park {the scenic view off of Geiger Grade between Reno and Virginia City}.

Lillian joined me in the front seat. We ate, read books and enjoyed the view!

Lillian was brave and took a picture of me. She’s freaked out by the drop off. This is as close as I could get her to it!!

After dinner we Skyped with Thomas. He’s having a ball in Vegas with Momma and Frank. Got a picture of Team TLC even with one Team Member eight hours away!

Thomas got a hole in one playing miniature golf today! YAY Thomas!

After lunch Thomas went swimming again and the instructor taught him how to float on his back! Great stuff y’all! Mammaw and Pappaw treated Thomas to s’mores after dinner! I think this young man is enjoying himself!


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