March 6 2012: Articulation and Nasty Cold and Swimming

Lillian gave my morning an extra good start. She said, ‎”I need you to help.” I know, what’s so special about that? Lillian said this CLEARLY. Every single word. Said it slowly and pronounced EVERY single word! It is a time to celebrate when Lillian clearly states a complete sentence intelligibly. WooooHoooooo, Happy Dancin, High Fives and Toasts all the way around the World!! “I Need You To Help” – EVERY WORD PRONOUNCED INTELLIGIBLY!! 🙂

This darn cold has me so out of sorts I completely forgot to take a picture yesterday.

Thankful Lillian and I had no where to be this morning. We had snow flurries and blustery weather. It was nice to sit inside our warm house and watch it.

In the afternoon, we went to Lillian’s therapies. Dropped her off at 1:45 and then headed to my spot in the parking lot to work in the car. She’s there from 1:45 – 4:00 and it would use too much gas every week to drive back to the house after I drop her off. So I use the time to sit and work or read.

Thomas went swimming again in Vegas. The swimming instructor taught him how to swim on his back this time. So far, she’s taught him how to swim under water, float on his back and swim on his back. YAY Thomas!

Came home, had dinner and Lillian and I just hung out with each other. This cold decided to have one last night of making me feel cruddy!!


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