March 9 2012: Washoe Lake and Cooking and Cleaning

Thomas was on lifeguard duty today at the pool!

This cold has finally almost fully left my body!! YAY!!! After going to see Dr. Amanda at The Back Doctors for some relief, Lillian and I headed out on a picnic adventure. Off to North Shore Washoe Lake Park!

Ahhhhhh!!! so quiet and peaceful!

FUN pictures!

Two attempts to get us both in the picture! It’s gonna be awesome when I’m able to upgrade to a new version of the iPhone!

Lillian tried to get a good shot of me jumping in the air!!

This was the perfect afternoon spent with my little lady! The good feelings nature infuse me with are indescribable!

Thomas was helper today!! He helped Pappaw Frank cook dinner! Look at him!

Then he swept the front patio to earn some money!

Go Thomas Go!!

Lillian and I relaxed when we got home. Had an awesome dinner together, hung out some more and then hit the sack!



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