April 25 2012: Respite and Dinner Adventure and Awesome

Another GOOD day at school for Thomas! YAY Team Member T!

Had a meeting this morning regarding respite care for Lillian. Blessed to have such helpful services available.

It was “stay inside” weather so we did just that! Reading, reading, reading! That is until it was time to head out for adventure! Dinner adventures with Danell and Ron! They had been wanting Team TLC to come over for dinner and we finally made it happen! YAY!

Ron and Danell got to experience Thomas’ nonstop questions and sharing of information and Lillian’s beautiful presence. They loved it!

On the way home I asked Thomas if he had fun at Danell & Ron’s tonight. “Are you kidding? It was awesome!” was his reply! Thank you Danell for such a yummy dinner and thank you both (and Timona, the family dog, too) for making Thomas and Lillian feel so special! Danell had a special dinner of Caesar Salad, Macaroni & Cheese, Ham, Garlic Cheese Bread, Tiramisu and Snickerdoodle cookies! Everything was delicious, especially the macaroni & cheese!! Y’all are the best! Love you!


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