June 14 2012: Good Day and Book Tour and Making Glitter

Another good day at school for Thomas! YAY for him!

I spent the morning nailing down details for the “D iz for Different” Virtual Book Launch Event to kick off my virtual book tour! Whew!

Lillian asked me how to make glitter today. Told her I did not know and to look it up on Google. She found a recipe using salt and food coloring so we had some glitter making adventures this afternoon. Turned out pretty; but I don’t know why this was called a recipe for making glitter as it certainly doesn’t glitter! Thomas made his own experiment in the sink using food coloring, club soda and dish soap!

These two are pretty good at entertaining themselves while I am working … it can make a big ole mess too though! They made a gigantic pillow pile with every pillow in the house …. This was after painting paper plates and getting glitter glue and paint in the carpet! Ya know, I really like that washable glitter glue and paint! Hahaha!

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