Remember These Moments

April 20 2015:

As this day comes to an end, I’m going to remember some moments:

  • A good morning kiss for Thomas,
  • a good morning beautiful greeting for Lillian,
  • a whole-hearted conversation with a friend,
  • listening and watching Lillian talk about her love of shadows and playing with them and her love of her heart shaped blue goldstone and the prism hanging in her window that makes rainbows,
  • picking up Thomas from school,
  • a quick trip to the grocery store with Lillian and her excitement in talking about different cheeses and cakes,
  • Thomas helping me make hamburger patties (and he made me a heart shaped one),
  • his excitement over the gourmet buns I got for the burgers as we usually don’t use buns,
  • putting together a puzzle with Lillian,
  • making compliment cards with Thomas, and
  • tucking both of them into bed with a good night and an I love you.

If you had spent the day with us you would have witnessed that there were several other moments that were the complete opposite of this and did not bring forth warm and fuzzy feelings.

I chose to make this list so I could remember the lovely moments of today. Perhaps you might want to make your own too … xoxo


Team TLC
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