The 2016 Chromosome 18 Conference: The Alamo

Thomas says I’m delirious. I was just going through the pictures I took at The Alamo … Laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. Who goes to visit The Alamo and takes one picture of the building and 20 of the oak trees and flowers? That would be me. I seriously didn’t realize I’d done that until now. Thomas is right. I’m deliriously in love with nature and taking pictures of her grace and beauty.

As I was beginning to pack the car Thursday morning, Thomas asked if we were going to see The Alamo before we left as it is on his list of places to visit. At first I told him we needed to get going and wouldn’t be able to do it this trip.

I changed my mind and said, “Yes, let’s do it.” He and I walked over while Lillian was finishing breakfast and getting dressed. It was only about a 5-7 minute walk from the hotel.

I’m incredibly grateful I listened to my heart. As we made the 3 day drive home, I asked each of them their most memorable moments. One of Thomas’ was seeing The Alamo ….

Beginning pictures with this amazing 140+ year old oak tree that was transplanted to the Alamo when it was a wee 40 years old! The main branches are over 50 feet long! I could have hung out with this tree all day! AMAZING!!!!

I didn’t realize it until looking at the pictures on Friday, but I only took ONE picture of the building. All the rest are of the walk there and the nature surrounding and within The Alamo. May you enjoy this view of The Alamo. xoxo

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