Young Blood and Biggest Little Photographer

September 26 2016:

This Friday, September 30th, Thomas will be a part of the Young Blood pop-up exhibit at The Holland Project from 6 – 8 pm. This is an exhibit showcasing young artists under 21 years old. Come see us if you can make it by!!

He’ll be showcasing two of the photographs from The Biggest Little Photographer AND you can pre-order at the show! We are trying, trying to have the book ready for the October 8th Kids Business Fair! So those who have previously pre-ordered will get your books soon!!



September 28 2016:

This afternoon we dropped by Pixels & Ink to pick up these two prints for the Young Blood exhibit. They are 10 X 10 and look AMAZING!!

Come by and see Thomas this Friday from 6-8 pm at The Holland Project … You can also purchase Thomas’ book, “Biggest Little Photographer”, for the LEGO enthusiast in your life!

I was asking Hunter at Pixels & Ink about cheaper options (other than mounting on foam board) for the exhibition. We are also having him scan Lillian’s latest abstract art so that she can sell prints at the Business Fair on the 8th.

Before we left, Hunter offered to donate the mounting on foam board!!! We are so grateful to Hunter and Pixels & Ink! This was our first time using the business. We will not be using any other place now!

biggest-p2 biggest-p54


September 29 2016:

Just back from getting Thomas’ photographs displayed. What a unique experience for Thomas!! Thanks again to Pixels & Ink for the quick and beautiful prints and for donating the mounting!!! xoxoxo

thomas-at-young-blood-prep-9-29-16-2 thomas-at-young-blood-prep-9-29-16-1


September 30 2016:

To celebrate Thomas’ debut tonight showing two photographs from his book, Biggest Little Photographer, he’s got a special offer for anyone who pre-purchases a book this weekend.

You have two choices:

1) Buy 1 book and get a 2nd book for half price – Total $35 or

2) Buy 1 book and receive a retired mini-figure – Total $35

Here are the two photographs for tonight’s Young Blood exhibit. We should have the books in hand by mid-October! Purchases must be made by midnight (PST) Sunday (10.2).

We appreciate everyone’s support via purchasing a book, sharing, commenting, and liking!! Comment here or send a message if you’d like to purchase! xoxoxoxoxo


September 30 2016:

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Thomas’ HDMS 1st-4th grade teachers who came by tonight to support him and buy a book!!!

Ms. Nicole on the far left was his 1st-3rd grade teacher and Ms. Elyse was his 4th grade teacher. That’s some dedicated ladies!!! I love them!!

Thomas’ first experience showing art at a gallery = check!!!!

Plus!!! Plus!!! We just got the proof for the book!!!! Wahoooo!!!

It was sensory overload for Thomas, yet, he handled it good and got to experience something completely different than anything else he’s every experienced!! xoxo

thomas-young-blood-show-9-30-16-5 thomas-young-blood-show-9-30-16-4 thomas-young-blood-show-9-30-16-3 thomas-young-blood-show-9-30-16-2 thomas-young-blood-show-9-30-16-1

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