Signing and Mailing Books and Creating and Courage and Learning and Library of Congress

October 30 2016:

It’s a great day to sign books and get em ready to be mailed tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone!!!

Want one? Want to help spread the word? Want to host a book signing? Want to sell the book in your gift shop? Let us know.

Also available for fundraisers! Blog post upcoming with a behind the scenes look of the book coming to life. xoxo



October 31 2016:

It’s a perfect day to mail Biggest Little Photographer to Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, California, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, London, and Finland!!!

Whew!! That was a huge stack of packages!!! Have fun Mr. Minifigure Photographer. xoxo



November 1 2016:

Thank you Renee Portnell! May you and Casey enjoy and be inspired!! It’s a magical feeling when others are moved and inspired by something one has created purely for the sake of creating. Create on! xoxo



November 2 2016:

Thank you Loretta Zatica Bonilla for supporting Thomas‘ creativity!! Being an artist and putting forth your creations to the public is a courageous endeavor indeed! Oceans of gratitude to everyone for your support!



November 3 2016:

Thank you Kat McLain for contributing to the success of Thomas’ book. Although she was looking as beautiful as ever, Kat didn’t feel her best and opted out of a picture.

However! We took a picture of the V8 Cafe which Mr. Minifigure captured a photo of and it’s on page 4 for those that already have a book.

Kat: We are truly blessed to have known you over these past 8 or so years. Thank you, thank you!! xoxo



November 3 2016:

We got to pick up the second round of books today!!!!! Thomas is still trying to process the accolades and compliments. Great experience and learning opportunities for him!! Sending out oceans of gratitude to all! xoxo



November 4 2016:

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!! We just got an email back from The Discovery Museum that they would LOVE to have a book signing there AND to sell Biggest Little Photographer in the gift shop!! Discovery Museum picture on page 3 of the book.

We are so excited and thrilled! Stay tuned for the date and time. So FUN!! So grateful and blessed for everyone’s support and cheering! xoxo

Would you like to host a signing, have us as an inspiring mom and son duo to speak for your group, sell in your gift shop, or use the book for a fundraiser? Let us know! Yippeee!



November 4 2016:

It was a great day to mail a book to the Library of Congress! And to Missouri and Florida.

That adds to Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, California, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, London, and Finland. With orders from Singapore and Sweden too!!!!

I love love. xoxo



November 5 2016:

Thanks so much for your support Kathy Fuetsch!!! It was great to see you and Caitlin Fuetsch!!!! Grateful, grateful, grateful …. xoxo



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