Gratitude Letter and Paper Strip Pumpkin and Cheers

November 22 2016:

For the past 3 years we have created a daily gratitude poster for the month of November; with each day adding an expression of our gratitude to the poster. I was moved to do something different this year.

This year we are working on three separate activities:

#1 – Writing a letter to our self telling our future self what we are grateful for now. We used dice to determine when we will mail this letter to ourself. These will be mailed in 5 years … November 2021.

#2 – Writing a letter to each other explaining what we are grateful for, enjoy, and love about the recipient of the letter. Again we rolled dice to determine the mailing date. These will be mailed in 6 years … November 2022.

#3 – Write a letter thanking someone for something that we neglected to thank them for previously. Meet with the person and hand deliver the letter.

I plan on adding the mailing of the letters on my calendar with a very important note to self. What’s the note to self? The location of the letters; which I’m sure I’ll place somewhere safe! HA!



November 23 2016:

Paper strip pumpkin …. by Lillian Darnell …. with a little help from me. Pretty cool!!! YAY Lillian!

paper-strip-pumpkin-by-lillian-11-23-16-1 paper-strip-pumpkin-by-lillian-11-23-16-2 paper-strip-pumpkin-by-lillian-11-23-16-3 paper-strip-pumpkin-by-lillian-11-23-16-4


November 24 2016:

Thomas and Lillian are still asleep and I’m feasting on a piece of pumpkin bread and dark French roast. So incredibly thankful … and …. yum!

Next up … Reading and getting The Team TLC blog caught up.

Abundant blessings, love, and peace to all.



November 25 2016:

Hope everyone had a warm and wonderful time yesterday. We enjoyed a quiet, relaxing, and comfy day at home. Cheers! Here’s to a great weekend, blessings, and a grateful heart. xoxo



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